Fabulous results begin with a fabulous team!
Whether you're updating a charming cottage on the lake, remodeling an urban loft, renovating a historic home in Palm Beach, or building a new house in the Hamptons, Lucy Interior Design has the experience, expertise and the energy to help you achieve dazzling results. With every project, Lucy and her team bring a signature mix of boundless creativity, endless vivacity and keen attention to detail to create one-of-a-kind living spaces that look and feel fabulous.
Lucy Penfield
Founder, Design Principal

Lucy Penfield is a passionate, blue sky thinker whose approach to interior design is unparalleled. Her enchantment and zeal for design have followed her throughout her career as an interior designer, lifestyle product innovator, and art aficionado. Lucy loves the magic of transforming space and creating joy for her clients.

As an award-winning interior designer, Lucy is recognized nationally for her sophisticated design style, passion for color, and client-centric methodologies. Her custom, six-step approach to bespoike interiors is anthropological and digs further to uncover true meaning for her clients. With degrees in art history, interior design, and design thinking, Lucy is a dynamic, progressive thought leader. She encourages her clients and team to push the bounds of their realms. From sketching textile and wallcovering collections to designing custom homes, lakeside cottages, and city condos, Lucy garners inspiration from the diverstiy in her work and conquering new challenges.

Lucy has great love for her community and is actively involved with non-profit organizations. Beyond her design ventures, she finds joy in cooking exotic dishes, throwing fabulous dinner parties, traveling with her family and exploring new adventures.

Lucy's design style is radiant, art-infused, and dazzling.

Betsy Kirmis
Interior Designer

Betsy was born with an artist's touch. Growing up in a home with an architect's drafting table and vintage interior design books at her fingertips nurtured an unavoidable artistic flare in Betsy. Upon completing her interior design major and art minor at North Dakota State University, Betsy joined forces with Lucy in 2014. Her role has morphed over time, from Design Assistant to overseeing the start-to-finish design process and cultivating relationships with partners. Team members and clients appreciate her propensity for color, fun flare, and joy. And her easy-going nature, willingness to go the extra mile, and team dedication make Betsy a fan favorite.

Betsy adores all things design, from DIY furniture and drawing to fashion and pop culture. Trips to Miami, Italy, and Paris have fostered new, creative ideas for style. When she isn't planning an overseas adventure, she's scheming her next Halloween party or thrifting designer shoes.

Betsy's design style is vintage-mixed, playful, and modern chic.

Ryan Welters
Interior Designer

Ryan is an attentive, detail-oriented designer who values the multifaceted heart of interior design. Ryan joined the team in 2019 after finishing his degree in interior design at the University of Minnesota. After dabbling in corporate work, Ryan found his calling in residential design. He is a master at fine-tuning details and crafting mood boards, floor plans, and renderings. Ryan is steady and assiduous in his work and can always be relied upon to fashion creative design elements.

Ryan's love of nature and fresh air informs his design style; it's his dream to design a Nordic-inspired cabin in the woods that focuses on the surrounding outdoor beauty. Ryan is a master at perusing local vintage shops; with his open mind and curious nature, he has an aptitude for unearthing just the right book, vase, or antique.

Ryan's design style is Scandinavian modern, collected, and straightforward.

Morgan Turner
Interior Designer

Morgan is a motivated, perceptive designer who isn't afraid to dive head-first into the unknown. After obtaining a business degree from Creighton University and working for several years in corporate America, Morgan made her wish to become an interior designer a reality. She leaped to NYC and enrolled in Parsons School of Design, where she attended an accelerated design program for career shifters.

Morgan brings a process-driven and detail-oriented lens to her design work and revels in mixing modern with vintage. She finds joy in the residential intimacy of working with couples and families in creating beautiful, lasting spaces. Morgan loves to take risks with patterns and colors, making her a natural fit with the Lucy Design team. She treasures spending time with her husband, family, and friends and takes great pride in hosting for any occasion.

Morgan's design style is bold, balanced, and inviting.

Anne Cook
Project Manager, Interior Designer

Anne is an artist at heart with a keen sense of style and design. With a degree in art from St. Olaf College, an MBA from St. Thomas University, and a design degree from St. Catherine University, Anne brings a complementary and well-suited background to the Lucy Interiors team.

Anne's organizational and business strategy and process management capabilities help the team stay focused and streamlined. She enjoys providing structure to the company and thrives when she can execute big-picture ideas.

Anne takes her design and project management skills off the field and into her home. When she isn't managing design projects and processes at Lucy Interiors, she can be spotted chasing after twin toddlers, designing remodels for friends and family, dabbling in redesigning her home, and wandering beautiful Northern Minnesota.

Anne's design style is bohemian, world-traveler, and neutral.

Kari Schultz
Managing Director

Kari is the left brain-right brain glue that holds Lucy Interiors together. As Managing Director, Kari formulates business plans, ensures a sound financial strategy, and keeps everything humming along smoothly. With an extensive interior design background and deep knowledge of the industry, Kari is naturally talented at providing prudent guidance. As a forward thinker, Kari is gifted at anticipating changes in the field. She is the complimentary puzzle piece to an otherwise design-focused team.

When she isn't busy preparing financial forecasting models or establishing budgets, Kari can be found planning her next outdoor adventure or hiking up the nearest mountain. As an avid reader, Kari enjoys getting lost in a good book. She maintains a sharp interest in design with her pursuits in fashion and makeup.

Kari's design style is muted, calm, and natural.

Kim Kalina
Art Director

Since childhood, Kim has had a passion for all genres of art. From wandering public library aisles to pursuing music studies, Kim delights in creators' abilities to share their work.

Shortly after obtaining a BFA in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Kim established her own business of creating art and design magic. As Lucy Interior's resident graphic designer and marketing extraordinaire, Kim directs a multitude of business ventures with grace and ease. She is inquisitive and thoughtful in the work she creates and tireless in her forward-thinking nature.

As a self-proclaimed minimalist, Kim finds humor in the juxtaposed nature of her thrift store-maximalist husband. In her free time, Kim relishes wandering through a museum gift shop, watching her son play hockey, thumbing through a great magazine, and tuning into music; that's where she finds her inspiration.

Kim's design style is modern, minimalist, and art-inspired.

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